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When your business depends on your website,
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WordPress & WooCommerce

CSS FIXING | Theme Redesign | database errors | php errors | server errors | customize themes | optimization | SSL certificates | EU GDPR | plugins installation


email issues

your mails are not working? That's your main issue today! If your comapny is not having your emails working, then you need us to discover what is going on with them, and believe us... there's a lot to know...!


PC Tech Support

Is the problem office? Dropbox? Google Drive? Slack? your CRM? Is just the PC that today looks different? Maybe you just need a backup solution, so your data is safe. Contact us, we'll watch it for you!

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After you select the Plan you need, you will be taken to a page where you can schedule our first video call, just for us to know each other! 



Our prices star as low as $39.99 / monthly for the BASIC package, and extra hours are available at a rate of $25.00.


Drop us a line and We will contact you as soon as we can so we can start working with you!

We answer every questions in the same day we receive it! And you can book an online appointment with us, so we can understand what can we do for you!

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Cutting-edge reports on how you can improove your digital presence

we look directly to your businness so you can fix some small issues and therefore  improove your digital presence. 

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